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Apr 03, 2022
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content Ways to Update WordPress Phone Number List Using the WordPress dashboard Update using FTP auto update A few things to remember before updating • Backup all data • Also consider themes and plugins • Make sure to turn off caching • Open the backup after completing Phone Number List the process Ways to Update WordPress There are two methods that can be used to convert the latest version. Now, let's take a Phone Number List look at them. Using the WordPress dashboard If you're looking for Phone Number List the most accessible form of updates, it's here. In this case, you must Phone Number List first log in to your website and WordPress related account. Now, you have to go to the dashboard, which is an option for those who don't know what it is, where you can see different things Phone Number List like visitors and demographics. Once you open it, you can see the page and a notification will Phone Number List pop up at the very top. Here, you have to press it, and the entire update process is required. Although, in many due to errors, there cannot be any such option displayed Phone Number List . For this, you can read the remaining two methods. Update Phone Number List using FTP In this technique, you must have an FTP account. If you don't have one, then you can easily create it.
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