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To play winning poker, you need to control your thoughts and actions, and your feelings reduce this control. All of us have some destructive reactions to emotions, and denial often increases this destructiveness. To protect our egos, we may rationalize that we aren’t emotional or that our feelings don’t affect our actions

We can see emotional reactions and denial more easily in other people than in ourselves. I vividly recall telling a bitterly complaining friend, “Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t do it.” She shouted angrily, “I’m not mad!”

Even if they admit that they are emotional, many people insist that their feelings don’t affect the way they think and act. Nonsense! We aren’t machines. Emotions often affect whatever we think and do. Pretending that they don’t is just another form of denial.

You usually cannot make large changes in your feelings, but you can and should control your reactions to them. Winners work hard to control their reactions for two reasons: First, they are naturally controlled people. Second, they know how dangerous emotional reactions can be. Because they place such a high value on thinking and acting well, winners’ thoughts control their reactions to feelings, while losers’ feelings greatly affect their thoughts and actions.

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