About us

Why Choose Gap Leasing?

At Gap Leasing, we are committed to making things easy for you. The main advantage of a short-term lease over a long-term lease is the flexibility it allows you, it is also a lot easier and less time-consuming to set up. We make sure that this is the case. Our small, friendly, experienced team dedicate themselves to providing exceptional customer service that focuses on speed of delivery and personalisation. We don't treat any one customer the same, instead ensuring that we check credit histories carefully to help you increase your chances of approval.

To help keep costs down, we typically only ask for one month up front, and we provide free national delivery. Couple this with our wide range of brands and price points, and we think there are plenty of great reasons to go with Gap Leasing!

Why Short-Term Leasing?

In one word: flexibility. It isn't just about not being tied to one brand of car for 3 years, it's the financial responsibility that comes with it. If your job situation changes during a standard lease, you could find yourself struggling to meet your payment terms, with heavy penalties if you try to end the contract early. With short-term leasing, you can set terms as short as 1 month, so you never have to worry about these pressures.

Of course, if you like the idea of different cars for different seasons, this is a great way to make it a reality. Think convertibles for summer and 4x4s in the winter and then make it a reality with us!

Short term leasing with Gap Leasing allows you to have the flexibility to change your vehicle as and when required without the drawback of long-term fixed contracts most incurring large early release penalties.

And if you're looking to fill a gap in between car ownership, short-term leasing is a great way to ensure you're not without a car. Similarly, for businesses, employees on probation or part-time employees might not warrant a long-term car solution, but a short-term lease still ensures that they have the mobility you need them to, without the commitment of a long-term lease.